About Us


Our Mission

 Our mission is serving our customers to the best quality with long term relationship by introducing innovative approaches in our services as a value creation to make their life incredible easier 


Our Vision

 To be a leading provider of comprehensive range of coir Products 


Our Business Principles

  •  We comply with laws and ethical standards.
  • We maintain a clean organizational culture.
  • We care for the environment, health and safety.
  • We are a socially responsible corporate citizen. 


Our Team

The core team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and senior management professionals with proven track records in their specific domains. They are in charge of their verticals and teams. Our work culture inspires bonhomie and as a result of which our team’s potential is maximised. Regular team meetings ensure that all team members remain motivated. The team members are regularly updated with industry news and evolving procedures to better address the exacting demands of our clients and the markets.   Most importantly, every team member is part of the pyramid, focussed to contribute his might to one common goal, “Success through Quality”


Client Advantage

 Acczon Exim empowers its clients with the freedom and confidence to concentrate on its core expertise i.e. to  market and sell its products in the markets of its choice.

Ensures that the best product quality is sourced and packaged. Our philosophy by default is simple, offer the best, and that is Pure.

However the importer / buyer may have his own focuses, and should he then wish to create a specific product, we transparently work with him to create it from the wide range of pure products that we have to suit his convenience and business outlook.



Acczon Exim ensures that all agencies involved in the spectrum i.e., the buyers, traders, retailers and consumers, all have access to predetermined quality. We have the expertise, discipline and advantage as aggregators to assess, determine and procure the best available quality in the specific focus.

 As a third party it also makes it possible for us to subject the identified pre-process stocks piles to detailed scrutiny by our dedicated, highly experienced and empowered team of quality controllers. 

 Processed stock piles of Acczon Exim of 5 Star rating for their :

  • Authenticity
  • Purity
  • Standardization
  • Hygiene
  • Third party certification