Grow bags are a very useful growing medium in gardening and greenhouses. It provides a perfect growing environment for a wide range of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Grow bags are ideal for plants that don’t have deep roots and itt is widely used in tomato, lettuce and strawberry cultivation.

Grow bags are the alternative method of planting directly into green house soil. The space could be used more efficiently throughout the year and high yields from a small space. The plants would not get infected by soil-borne diseases.

The speciality of the grow bags is that it saves a lot of time and labour that you spend on preparing your garden or greenhouse. With the help of these special bags, you will not have to tire yourself with the works like digging or soil preparation. Everything will be provided by us. Our grow bags are designed with special kind of holes which helps you to plant your tree efficiently. Thus, you can say that the grow bags are the perfect replacement for the pots for using in the garden or greenhouses.